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Hastings Football History was set up with the intention of collating as many stats, photographs and memories, as possible, of the football scene in and around Hastings and showcasing that in one place. If you’re a local history enthusiast, football fan or simply have a passing interest, I hope you find the contents of this website interesting and useful. I feel it will be a long time before I consider this project anywhere near complete, but intend to keep adding chunks of content of varying sizes over time.

Able to help?

If you happen to have anything such as - old photographs, matchday programmes, handbooks, league tables etc. that you’re happy to share, then I’d love to hear from you and would be more than grateful for the contribution. All contributors will be credited on the website.


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Online Sources

Other Sources/Contributors

Alun Thomas

Alun has been researching into the history of Hailsham Town FC and has kindly allowed me to share tables from the Southern Counties Combination between 1972 - 1975 which he had written down.

David Bauckham

Many thanks to David for sending me a great number of images from the Bob Lilliman collection. David set up and ran the popular Nomad Online website (linked above) and currently runs a brilliant football blog which is well worth a read when you have few spare minutes.

Jenny Clemens

Thank you to Jenny Clemens who sent me images that had been in the possession of her late father, Vic Pain. Vic played for Hastings & St Leonards and Old Hastonians during the 1920s and 30s up until the outbreak of World War Two.

Paula Monk

Many thanks to Paula who kindly sent in photos that had been in the collection of her late unlce, Cyril Clarke.

Simon Stoddart

A long time Hastings supporter with a fantastic collection, you may remember Simon used to video games during the early 2000s which were sold in the club shop. Has also allowed his images to be shared on Hastings Football History.

Tony Rolt

Thanks to Tony for providing information on the 1958-59 season in the East Sussex League.

Vernon Couchman

Vernon has a fantastic collection of old photographs which he has aready shared on his twitter profile and the Hastings United message board. He has kindly allowed his pictures to be shared on Hastings Football History.

Hastings United/Town matchday programmes

Matchday programmes containing league tables and appearance records used for some data.

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